Heroes of Istal

Problems in Biontola

The village is being robbed with a novel method

The group of adventurers are waylayed by bandits on their way to Biontola village. After easily disposing of the bandits, they enter the village and find that much of it has been robbed by bandits. Thanks to a new method of theft, they have managed to break apart doors with a type of acid. The sheriff, Jack can’t handle these problems alone, and asks the adventurers if they can end the problems created by these bandits. As a reward, the sheriff mentions that the group can keep all the money that they find in the bandit’s lair. He warns the group that the bandits have already taken care of two of their three guards, though.

The group questions a woman wounded in a bandit attack, a prisoner, the local guard and a rich merchant that lives in the area. The merchant mentions that he owned a collection of gems, but these were stolen bij the bandits. He offers 100 gold pieces for each part of the collection.

By putting all hints together, the group concludes that the bandits are north of the village, ad that they use “ant acid” as a weapon. While they explore the north, they meet Farmer Joseph. This farmer is troubled by giant ants, and points the adventurers to the nearest ant tunnels, promising them applepie for exterminating the pests.

The group finds a long network of tunnels. While exploring, they find

  • A resting chamber for bandits, including a bandit they manage to catch off-guard. The bandit points them towards:
  • A tunnel containing a pair of vicious Ankhegs.
  • They find a talking door, behind which there are several Fel Taints; an incursion into reality from the Far Realm. The group manages to restore the local reality and stop the incursion by killing the Fel Taints and reactivating the guarding runes.
  • They find a tunnel with a weird device that drops a Brooch of Shielding.

The last thing they find are two guards guarding a door. The guards are dressed in the armor of the local guard. Both guards carry a key, but the door has no visible locks…


I miss our fight with the bandits before we entered town, or isn’t that of that much value?

Problems in Biontola

“The group of adventurers are waylayed by bandits on their way to Biontola village. After easily disposing of the bandits”

First. Two. Sentences. READ XD

Problems in Biontola

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