A Stern Eladrin Avenger in service of Corellon


West of Prezzo, therefor North of Moracre, in the Feywild lies the temple of Corellon.It was in said temple that I have been trained. I was left there by my parents, who saw no need or desire in keeping me. I have no family to my knowledge, but the temple’s folks do consider me a part of theirs. The temple itself is constructionwise a very simple one, but it’s size is immense. Corellon being a deity and at that patron of the arcane magic and the Fey, he favours those that collect magical artefacts. It are such artefacts and pieces of art that the temple keeps and guards. On good days people bring a new artefact to offer to the temple, usually in rueturn for shelter and some meals. Sadly however, not only good folks enter Corellon’s temple. It has been a few weeks ago, but at that day, one of the magical artefacts was stolen. I have not the permission to tell you what precisely has been stolen, but I cal tell you by who. It was Nimrod, a Gnome, and a master thief at it. Some people saw him run away, and none were able to capture him on the go. Seeing as I was the least valuable as a guard, and more skilled as a striker than most of the fellow templars, the delicate job of slaughtering Nimrod and getting the artefact back had been assigned to me. All I had to keep track of him was a magical six-sided die that only rolls three’s, and the location of the portal he most likely used to enter the Feywild in the first place. Taking the portal in the woods in between Prezzo and Moracre, I followed him to the ‘normal’ world.

Now my archnemesis, Nimrod has not only been able to keep fleeing from me, he has also been able to continue his plundering of very precise amounts of loot, always leaving a sign for the number three. I’ve chased him past Prezzo, beyond Milicio, and now on route for Biontola. According to both tradition and temple honor, I can only return alive with the artefact. Luckily we Eladrin can get very old. Sadly however, so can Gnomes. I really wish I could talk more, but a fresh crime has been reported, and I’m not letting him get away this time.

~ As time kept going, so did the adventures. You can read all about the Heroes of Istal if you have some search skills. Nimrod has been running about for quite some time now, and even though I’ve been really close to finding him in the woods, he escaped me once again. Not only that, he also set some local bandits up against my associates. The bandits obviously got killed with ease, but Nimrod was long gone. Whilst being part of the Untouchables, I am still trying to keep on track of Nimrod’s tail.

In the mean time my fellow Untouchables and I slaughtered some dragons, and ever so many more monsters. I’ve not found as much magical artefacts as I hoped for, but for now a miniature statue of Corellon must do. I’m pretty sure the elders in the temple appreciate that.


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