Jackie Dandelion

A Halfling Rogue


Halfling Rogue
23 HP, Speed 6, Init 4
AC 17, Fort 11, Ref 18, Will 14


Jackie Dandelion, formely known as Beckie Coriander, is an outlaw in the distant places of Orture. Though she seemingly lived a wealthy life: dumped by her parents, with a dirty box as her precious house, she had an ambition that required more then that. And for that, she needed to turn towards the dark side. As she was forced to steal, she stole. And when time demanded that she should take care of “loose ends”, she took care of them, with a false and sadistic smile that shined between her teeth. A smile that soon would become well know across Orture… as it was printed on nearly every Wanted poster.

That is the story she likes to tell. In fact, she isn’t that impressive. Sure, she can kill her enemies in a couple of hits, but she is still no match against an enemy that can actually survive those blows. Some might even call her cute when she tries to sneak upon an enemy, a big mistake of course, but not that big of a mistake as she only is a couple of feet high. Jackie, in the end, can only be described as a potential evil being, that lacks the skill to fulfill that destiny.

How she managed to join a group of adventurers that prefers to obey the law, instead of challenging it, is an interesting story. Rumors suggests that she tried to steal from the partymembers, but was caught during the action, which is true. What they failed to mention is that this only happened after she stole from the party… three times before.

Jackie Dandelion

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