Nick Basel

A Cleric of Avandra with a low fool tolerance


Nick Basel, level 6
Human, Cleric
Build: Devoted Cleric
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Mace)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Holy Symbol)
Human Power Selection: Bonus At-Will Power
Background: Birth – Blessed, Geography – Forest, Occupation – Scholar, Society – Poor (+2 to Insight)

Str 10, Con 11, Dex 8, Int 10, Wis 21, Cha 15.

Str 10, Con 11, Dex 8, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 14.

AC: 19 Fort: 14 Reflex: 14 Will: 21
HP: 48 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 12

Arcana +8, Religion +8, Diplomacy +10, Heal +13, Insight +15

Acrobatics +1, Bluff +5, Dungeoneering +8, Endurance +2, History +3, Intimidate +5, Nature +8, Perception +8, Stealth +1, Streetwise +5, Thievery +1, Athletics +2

Cleric: Ritual Caster
Human: Path of Freedom
Level 1: Defensive Healing Word
Level 2: Pacifist Healer
Level 4: Healer’s Implement
Feat User Choice: Versatile Expertise
Level 6: Restful Healing

Bonus At-Will Power: Astral Seal
Channel Divinity: Turn Undead (retrained to Healer’s Mercy at Level 3)
Cleric at-will 1: Sacred Flame
Cleric at-will 1: Lance of Faith
Cleric encounter 1: Divine Glow (retrained to Cause Fear at Level 2)
Cleric daily 1: Beacon of Hope
Cleric utility 2: Healer’s Gift (retrained to Life Transference at Level 4)
Cleric encounter 3: Hymn of Resurgence
Cleric daily 5: Iron to Glass
Cleric utility 6: Bastion of Health

Ritual Book, Chainmail, Adventurer’s Kit, Holy Symbol, Mystic Salves (Heal) (10), Sanctified Incense (Religion) (10), Holy Healer’s Morningstar +1, Warding symbol of Perserverance +2, Bag of Holding (heroic tier), Potion of Mimicry (heroic tier), Bracers of Mental Might (heroic tier), Residuum (Any) (2600), Belt of Sacrifice (heroic tier)
Gentle Repose, Purify Water, Banish Vermin, Hand of Fate, Dark Light


Nick was born in a small settlement in Etrus, where most people were still trying to settle in with the wildlife and worshiping Avandra for good faith in the new, adventurous world.

However, Nick wasn’t as lucky as the followers of the goddess. His birth brought misfortune to his family, dispite the fact that he was blessed by a travelling cleric. In desperation, his parents left him at a tended shrine at a young age, where he would grow up.

Over time, Nick would learn about the virtues of Avandra. About travel, luck and, most importantly, survival. Though he spent a lot of time with his nose in the books, he was also taught in the holy arts to aid those in need, especially those wounded or sick. When he finally left the shrine to honour Avandra’s teachings, he was still a beginner, but he knew he could make it with enough instinct in survival.

After a long boat travel from the southern parts of Etrus to the country of Istal, Nick found himself in a world that was alien to him. He knew he was an outsider, but he’d be damned if he wasn’t a well equipped outsider. A cart brought him to a town, where he joined up with a small company to travel to Biontola.

… And that’s where things started going horribly wrong.

Little did Nick know, a few weeks after his departure from the shrine, his biological parents returned to it. Their life had taken a turn for the better and they wanted to see if their son would ever forgive them. When they heard the news from the shrine tenders, and where he had gone, they hired a set of traveling adventurers to accompany them on their search for their son.

Nick Basel

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