A Shardmind Psion


Shardmind Psion.
23 HP, Speed 6, Init 0.
AC 15, Fort 10, Ref 15, Will 15.


Skyph awakened underground in the far north. While he stretched his newly acquired legs, he wandered into the lair of a young metallic dragon. At the start, this dragon was suspicious of this new creature, but Skyph could convince the dragon of his kindness.
After spending a long time together, Skyph left his friend to explore the world. He walked towards the south, and stopped at places that seemed interesting. When he encountered libraries, he could be unmovable until he read every book. Because of this mental exercise and his natural gifts, Skyph developped Psionic powers.

And on a day, he walked into Biontola, and met a group of people that came to be known as the Untouchables. Skyph’s time with them was short, but he learned a lot. In the end, though, tragedy struck. Skyph was killed in a goblin raid. Thus ended his tale.


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