Tag: Human


  • Nick Basel

    Nick was born in a small settlement in Etrus, where most people were still trying to settle in with the wildlife and worshiping Avandra for good faith in the new, adventurous world. However, Nick wasn't as lucky as the followers of the goddess. His …

  • Jimmy Bootstraps

    History: Jimmy Bootstraps used to be First Mate to the excentric Devlin Ragebeard, captain of the mighty Feathered Snake, military flagship vessel of Istal, keeping the crew in line with a combination of his natural charisma and some very unsubtle death …

  • Baron Jonathan Crimson

    Baron Crimson is the baron of Altea. While he is not very much into politics, his dream is of one day flying in the sky. He is working hard to achieve this, to an extent where he may be neglecting on his duties as a baron. Nevertheless, the people of …

  • Joshua

    Joshua is a paladin of Pelor. His goal is to fight evil wherever it goes. One of his achievements is killing the Blazing Rider, or at least one of it's incarnations.

  • Professor Sleft

    Professor Sleft is an intellectual working for [[:baron-crimson | Baron Crimson]], aiding him in the creation of a flying device. To this end, he leads the workplace in which the machines are secretly built.

  • Spymaster Dejour

    Spymaster Dejour is an enigmatic figure. Clad in concealing robes and armed with ornate daggers, he moves swiftly amongst the shadows. While his face is largely concealed by a hood, his keen eyes can sometimes be noticed peering out. His goatee betrays …

  • Daniel Tepez

    Daniel Tepez lives in Sannich, where he can do his research in relative peace. It helps that most people interrupting him get tired after a few seconds of his banter. People who succesfully managed to extract a sale from Daniel: * Nick Basel