Here you’ll find all adventures that the party has been through


  • Find out who is robbing the village and bring them to justice
  • Bring back the gemstone collection of the wealthy merchant
  • Destroy the Ant Queen
  • Catch up with the cart
    • Find out what the robbed cart carried.
    • Find the Dragon that assaulted the cart
    • Escort the wizard to safety.
  • Defeat the Blazing Rider again
    • Get rid of the creator of the Blazing Rider
    • Gather Bone Dust and Ooze Jelly for the scatterbrain wizard
  • Obtain the 333 gold pieces from the merchant’s guild back from Nimrod
  • Obtain the crates of goods from Dirk the Smith
  • Find out who stole the Orb of Crystalised Air
    • Seek out the inventor Dundee
    • Get the Orb of Crystalised Air for Baron Crimson
  • Find and obtain the Mirrors of Sehanine
  • Raise Geziah from the dead.

Personal Quests:

  • (Geziah) Bring justice to Nimrod
  • (Jackie) Find the thieves that have a shiny dagger
  • (Nick) Find a blacksmith that can re-craft him a Magical Finemail

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