Betrayers Betrayed

The Untouchables touch into their sixth level for the next part of their journey.

No longer certain of who they can and can’t trust, it turns out that the fast mouths of the Untouchables might get them into tighter spots than they’d like.
As the mystery unfolds, one of the famous Untouchables pays the ultimate price, while the others cause chaos all over Istal!
Bad luck keeps following the party as even their faithful Eladrin pays the price of overconfidence against someone he shouldn’t have underestimated…
It appears the Untouchables are in a bad streak. Though help comes from all sides, will they be able to get out of the ditch?
Even with their work apparently cut out for them, the intrigue that surrounds the political world the Untouchables find themselves in is clearly leaving them baffled at times. It’s time someone just flat-out speaks the truth!

One thing is certain, this leg is marked by setbacks…

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Betrayers Betrayed

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