Here you’ll find the lmoney earned by the party.

Gold Earned Spent Total
Starting Gold 140g 0 140g
Level 1 570g 0 570g
Level 2 525g 600g -75g
Level 3 1097g 275g 822g
Level 4 1660g 85g 1575g
Level 5 925g 5g 920g
Level 6 1000g 3639g -2639g
Level 7 0g 60g -60g
Totals 5917g 4664g 1253g

Potion of Mimicry
Potion of Healing – Nick Basel

Unused Magic Items:
Magic Leather Armor +1
Badge of the Berserker +1
Orb of the Menacing Impulse +1

Gentle Repose + Purify Water + Transfer Enchantment Ritual Book
Sending + Make Whole Ritual Book
Hand of Fate + Dark Light Ritual Book
Banish Vermin Ritual Book
Tree Shape Ritual Scroll
Unseen Servant Ritual Scroll + Ceramic Hand

30 Alchemical Reagents
140 Sanctified Incense
0 Rare Herbs
10 Mystic Salves
0 Residuum

Empty Treasure Chest
Scroll Case
Odd Coin – Geziah
Magical 6-sided dice that only roll 3 – Geziah
Ivory Statuette of Pelor
Ivory Statuette of Melora
Ivory Statuette of Corellon

Plot items:
Envelope with a Crow Seal
Treasure Map + Ritual Case + Riddles

Cart + 2 Horses
Climber’s Kit
10 pounds of Iron
Fishing Rod (Geziah)

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